January 8, 2016

Cracked Wide Open WP Protect Bonus NEW Breakthrough Technology Completely Protects You & Your Business Against Any Known Malware In 2 Minutes Flat

Finally you can press a couple of buttons and get your OWN fully automated security system in place that keeps hackers out!

... Without requiring any tech know-how from you or hiring an expensive developer - AND you get constant, regular backups automatically too!
Well... not anymore!
What if there was a new piece of technology, which only requires a few minutes to be configured, yet can completely lock hackers out?
What if this same piece of technology allowed you to identify and remove known malware & viruses - all with the click of a button?
What if this piece of technology finally provides a simple backup & restore system, so in case ANYTHING goes wrong with your website, you can be up & running again in just one minute?


  • Without Any Technological Know-How
  • Without Having To Pay A Developer To Do It For You
  • Without Having To Check In Every Single Day To See If Your Site Is Still Up

Sounds too good to be true? Then let us put our money where our mouth is and show you everything our software can do!

Dominate your competition
Since your competition won't have access to WP Protect, they won't be able to effectively protect themselves against hackers attacks - allowing YOU to take the lion's share of the market.

I've never seen a product as good as WP Protect. When I first started using it, it blew me away! I have had several sites hacked over the past year - and I'm glad WP Protect is here to help now - I've been running it on my site these past few weeks and it's probably the BEST security solution around! It's a must have tool for all internet marketers!


WP Protect is one of those products that is going to change the way we do marketing - I was so impressed with the speed at which the plugin backed up my site and removed all the malware on there.
Plus - the customer support Radu provides is the best in the industry!

It's safe to say that if you want to truly live the Internet Marketing lifestyle, having a strong security in place that can protect you against hackers is a must.
Simply put, you can't have a growing online business if it's subject to exploits and attacks. It's common knowledge and everyone tries to protect their websites as best as they can.

However, the problem is...

... 95% of the people building websites either don't know how to guard themselves against hackers, don't have the time to do so or the money to hire an expensive developer to do it for them.

They completely ignore this crucial aspect of the business, and when another loophole is found (just like the Heartbleed bug a year ago that damaged millions of websites) they get hacked and lose all their traffic and revenue.

Although they all know security is a big issue and they should do regular backups and better protect themselves, very few actually do it because it's time consuming and boring.


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