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Today i want to share an exciting news with you..
For the last 6 months, i have been trying to up my game in Instagram Marketing.

I faced a lot of challenges when i wanted to test out the Monetisation
of Instagram Profile (Or the Final contributioin of Instagram Marketing
to Bottom Line for my company)

Problem #1
There is only one place to post a link on Instagram – i.e. your profile bio.
This was challenging as i had to again and again change the link in bio as i have been constantly testing. And another topping lol – if i change the link
and someone sees the older post, he is redirected to the new link i placed and
not the old link he saw the post for.
So the longevity of any strategy for my was only 24 hours.

Problem #2

Follow/Unfollow Strategy – Though i got quiet a few numbers in terms of
the number of followers on my profile – but manually following compettitors
Followers and then unfollowing them (As you can only follow till 5000 people)
It was a real pain, i even tried to hire a VA – god knows i almost had my account
at stake at one moment.

Problem #3

I cannot schedule content possibly, now that's again a bummer as this leads me be involved every single hour of my life into Instagram. Tough huh?

Problem #4

Enagagement with New Followers – Well even though i got tons of new followers but it was hard to keep the new ones engaged as i did not communicated with them personally like a Direct Message would do.

Problem #5

The holy grill of 2017 namely Stories is big indeed; but makes marketers like
you and me helpless as i cannot possibly schedule anything again and nor upload my custom marketing materials. Definitely this is a huge update as Stories always remains on top.


Instagram Recently introduced Stories, which are short Images and Videos which remain on top of Instagram Feed for 24 hours…

People are watching this content 3 times as opposed to anything else on Instagram..

Which makes this the ultimate profit machine… Introducing GramKosh – A piece of technology which tuns Instagram Stories into a profit churning machine..

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All you need is an Internet Connection with a Computer and this software turns Instagram Stories into a Cash Spitting Monster..

GramKosh does much more than this though, few notable features are:

  • First Software to Post Instagram Stories directly from Desktop
  • First one to Schedule as many Instagram stories directly from Desktop
  • Post & Schedule Instagram Images directly from Desktop
  • Post & Schedule Instagram Videos directly from Desktop
  • Live Preview inside Dashboard Before Posting
  • Photoshop like image editor to edit your Instagram stories & posts (Crop, Text, Drawing, Filters, Shapes, Stickers, Colors, Resize, Rotate)
  • Emoji Integration
  • Instagram Synced Affiliate Stores & Sites, which have Same look and feel as your brand’s Instagram feed but IMAGES WOULD BE CLICKABLE
  • 3 Premium Custom Feed Layouts
  • One Click Instagram Image import to Custom Feed
  • Ability to put Optional Headline or Description and Call to Action
  • GramKosh Insta Site Analytics
  • 30 Hashtags Direct Post & Schedule as First Comment

This redefines the way Instagram Marketing is done in every manner…

GramKosh is the Only web based Application For Instagram Stories Which Allows users to Post & Schedule Stories,  Send Users to Multiple Links through One Bio Link, Premium Layouts To Showcase Product,  Lead Generation Directly from Instagram, Custom Feed for Every Users, Live Editor Dashboard, GramKosh Analytics, Auto Follow-Unfollow, Auto Commenting, Direct Messages, Most Trending Hashtags and much MORE....


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