Broad Targeting Formula 2.0 REVIEW AND Broad Targeting Formula 2.0 AMAZING BONUS

January 10, 2016

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And we’ve been marketing online for over 10 years. When we saw the advertising potential on Facebook, we dove in head first and went hard.
We’ve done all the things you’ve probably done:
Bought expensive scraper software, only to watch it get outlawed by Facebook…
Brad Stephens
Jeremy Salem

Layer interests like they’re mad experiments, staying up into the wee hours of the morning just to see if the experiment worked…Watch ads tank, watch some ads succeed, spend thousands on testing…And on and on…But today, we have a very important lesson that we need to share with you…

With everyone targeting the same way, competition is sky 
high, and success is hard to find… I mean seriously… EVERYONE is targeting the exact same way.How do you expect to beat the competition if you do the exact same thing they do?Before we perfected our Broad Targeting Formula, we were caught up in unspoken bidding wars with our competition in every single niche…That means we were all out-bidding each other on the exact same interests…

So price goes up, profits and ROI go down… The question we asked ourselves became clear…How do we target DIFFERENTLY than everyone else?Finding untapped interests means getting the low CPCs and high ROIs that attract people to Facebook advertising in the first place.So… did we find the way to target untapped Facebook 
interests for killer returns?Um… hell. freaking. yes.
We got results even BETTER than we expected… time and again… systematically.

Following the Broad Targeting Formula, You Won’t:Set up ads just hoping they don’t fail.Test 20 different ads at once.Spend a lot of money before finding a winner.Target the same expensive interests as everyone else.Create ads that don’t sell.Try campaign after campaign.Eliminate the sky-high competition – it’ll feel as if you’re the only person running ads!

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